2014 – Reflections on Blog writing in the past year

I received a nice summary of my blog writing from WordPress which I’ve published on the blog as well – but I thought I would take the opportunity to have a think about this blog over the past year.
I’ve been reading other blogs than my own which have emphasised the importance of practicing writing to convey academic subjects – so I think that this blog continues to be important to me; although I think that perhaps I need to consider more carefully a possible audience and therefore voice for writing.
I set myself the target at the beginning of 2014 to write one post a week – I think at the time I appreciated this as being overly ambitious…
For this blog last year I managed to write 23 posts – so not even half way! I’ve also been writing at The Mental Elf website, which publishes summaries of recent published research. I wrote 12 blogs for them – http://www.thementalelf.net/author/andrew-shepherd/. So in total 35, a little closer to my target…
So a target for this year?
I am going to aim to continue writing this blog – this time I’m going to aim for a post every other week. Based on last year’s performance this may be something of a stretch target, but perhaps slightly more realistic?
I will also continue to write at the Mental Elf, I managed one post a month last year, so I will aim to match that again…
Best of 2015 to all!

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